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  • Social Business is about evolving an organization to achieve traits like agility, adaptability, connected, and engaged.  To accomplish this fully requires undertaking a set of complimentary efforts, one of which is looking at the overall design of your organization, recognizing those elements that will hinder your journey, and devising means of overcoming them.

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  • …and here are 101 examples of social business return on investment, roughly 60% revenue generation and 40% cost reduction. Each example lists brand, activity, and source + year.

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  • The Farm Bureau Bank (FBB) is the online banking arm of the Farm Bureau, the nationwide non-profit advocacy group for American farmers and ranchers. When the FBB implemented a ThoughtFarmer intranet in mid-2010, they never expected it would play such a critical role in proactively building the company’s culture.

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  • Alcatel-Lucent began their adoption of social media inside the organization at least as far back as 2008. Although they already had blogs, forums, wikis, and Sharepoint internally, there really was not an enterprise wide social networking environment or social media strategy at the time. This soon changed with the introduction of Ask@Ben, a system that let workers interact directly with the CEO, and uptake of Yammer, the now well-known enterprise microblogging platform that was becoming common in organizations at the time through viral adoption.

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  • Burberry’s social business story was famously highlighted during last year’s Dreamforce event, where their CEO Angela Ahrendts explained how they strategically partnered with Salesforce to create a true social enterprise. Founded in the mid-1800s, Burberry has had its ups and downs but is currently performing quite well as a worldwide luxury goods designer. They rang up $1.5 billion in sales last year and have over 6,600 employees working in over 200 locations, creating a geographic challenge for creating a truly global culture for which I find many companies look to social media as a potential solution.

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  • BASF is a well-known German company with over 100,000 employees worldwide. A few years ago, when I visited German companies and participated in Enterprise 2.0 events in the country, there was considerable skepticism that collaboration based on social media would ever achieve significant uptake in a conservative business culture that is highly traditional as well as very hierarchical. Fortunately, this turned out not to be the case. These days, it’s easy to come across successful examples of European (and German) Enterprise 2.0 initiatives, however BASF has become one of the most well-documented and compelling.

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  • While Yum! Brands itself isn’t necessarily a household name, its three top brands — Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut — are instantly recognizable around the world. The international fast food giant is truly global with over 330,000 workers in 110 countries with a combined annual revenue in excess of $11 billion.

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  • As a media giant, News Corp as an organization needs little introduction. Though embattled recently and coping with the challenges of a still-ongoing series of setbacks, most notably some damaging public allegations, it was those very challenges that led it to meet these events by trying to strengthen and unify its own company culture.

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