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  • “In the social business arena, many strategists and practitioners have learned to dance very well. Usually they do their best moves when asked, “What’s the ROI of Social Business?” From industry experts, to vendors, to practitioners you hear lots of soft benefits from people when asked this question.”

    tags: social_enterprise ROI

  • “In the past two years we have seen a dramatic increase in interest in a new approach for systems that support office workers.  Much of the focus for information technology deployment has been on automating or even eliminating less skilled jobs.  “

    tags: social_enterprise HR

  • “HR processes are where you see the impact of many of these changes. Don’t believe me? Look at how a process like campus recruiting looked a few years ago.”

    tags: social_enterprise HR

  • “One of the interesting aspects of employee engagement is that there are no single-shot solutions. If you really want to move the needle on engagement it takes a concerted effort and attention to detail on several fronts. It’s not just about managers coaching employees, it’s not just about rewards and recognition, and it’s not just about inspirational leadership from up-above.”

    tags: social_enterprise engagement

  • “According to a recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute, the average office worker spends 28 hours a week – or nearly 1500 hours a year – writing emails, searching for information and attempting to “collaborate” internally. The report argues that wide adoption of social media technologies by businesses could cut down some of the time-wasting involved in emailing and improve worker productivity by 20 to 25 per cent.”

    tags: email enterprise_2.0

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Autore: Alvaro Busetti

Consulente e formatore free lance, faculty member di Federmanager Academy. La mia vita professionale si è svolta nell’ambito dell’Information Technology con particolare riguardo agli aspetti progettuali e innovativi dal punto di vista organizzativo, applicativo e tecnologico. Ha svolto attività di conduzione progetti, coordinamento di unità produttive, attività di staff e supporto a livello Aziendale, di Gruppo e attività consulenziale per il top management del Cliente nel mercato dei Trasporti, Pubblica Amministrazione, Sanità, Industria, Servizi. Si è occupato di Intelligenza Artificale, digital workplace e Office Automation, soluzioni Intranet, Sistemi multimediali, di Unified Communication e di Social Collaboration.


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