My links of the week (weekly)

  • “A major challenge for organizations that are considering internal social media initiatives is that a business case including a financial justification is frequently required.

    To be frank, I think ROI calculations for social initiatives are in most cases a waste of time, because so many of the benefits and costs are unknowable before the initiative. A leap of faith is required, after which calculations using real data can be done to help refine strategies.”

    tags: social_business ROI

  • “The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark Report defines the current state engagement across social brands by looking at quantitative data from real social brands from Q2 of 2012. The data uncovers how brands are engaging internally – people, business groups, activity and publishing – and how they are building external engagement – network size, interactions and social reach. We looked at data from 154 Spredfast customers, captured within the Spredfast social media management system (SMMS), which was analyzed by market research firm, Mindwave Research.”

    tags: social_business report

  • “There is a desire to develop more effective knowledge sharing and a culture of collaboration in most organisations, but little recognition of what this means in terms of staff development and overcoming barriers to change. The enormous growth of social media tools and social/professional networks over the past few years has created new opportunities and new challenges for people and organisations that want to embrace this dynamic world of social interaction and fluid knowledge flows. However, It is not widely recognised that collaboration and knowledge sharing are skills and practices that rarely get taught. It’s something we may learn on the job in a hit or miss fashion. Some people are natural at it. Others struggle to understand it.”

    tags: collaboration

  • “Summary : what’s in store for enterprise 2.0 and social business in the upcoming months ? Improving community approaches and search for levers that will allow to sustainably and productively onboard the entire organization would be logical. But another way is possible : considering that most has been done on that matter and that we need to look elsewhere, on the process side (at last) as well as on the human resources and, more globally, on the human capital management and development side.”

    tags: social_business

  • “If you’re building a new intranet, you have lots of work to get done. Aside from the budgeting, strategy setting, stakeholder communications, software selection and other important intranet planning activities, you need to build a site that employees will actually use. “

    tags: social_intranet

  • ““ONE THING that’s really undervalued in discussions of social technology and social business is the opportunity to make the invisible visible,” says John Hagel. It’s the opportunity, he says, “to see patterns of activity and interactions that you never knew were occurring.””

    tags: social_business adoption

  • “Fortune Magazine annually compiles a list of America’s largest corporations, aptly named the “Fortune 500” (F500) given their size and wealth. Due to the hugely influential role that these companies play in the business world, studying their adoption and use of social media tools offers important insights into the future of commerce. These corporations provide a look at emergent social media trends among America’s most successful companies.”

    tags: social_business adoption

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