My links of the week (weekly)

  • “When I present social business as my passion, the typical listener assumes I’m talking about Yammer, Facebook or Sharepoint. It’s interesting to see how they can easily confuse social platforms as the same as being a social business. But it’s not.

    It’s easy to become distracted by shiny, new tools and platforms, but these are just delivery channels. “

    tags: social_enterprise HR engagement

  • “Just when you’re thinking you are wrapping your arms around engagement, there is a new ( or not so new, depending on your point of view) and robust approach to engagement. There is no doubt that there is a clear relationship between high levels of employee engagement and improved financial and operational results.”

    tags: engagement

  • “Email is one technology that spurs a great deal of discussion in the world of content management. The ubiquitous communication technology has inspired many discussions about how it will hold up against evolving enterprise collaboration initiatives and new social media tools. Still, most organizations use email and among workers it enjoys a comfortable familiarity that’s hard to foster with newer collaborative applications.”

    tags: enterprise_social_networks email

  • “an ESN represents a technology platform deployed on a corporate intranet that contains profiles, a social graph of colleagues, an activity stream, and other features similar to consumer sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The term social network site could also be used to describe an ESN.”

    tags: enterprise_social_networks design

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