My links of the week (weekly)

  • “Hmmm, where do I start?
    The first thing I did was update my current status in Connections to let my network know what I was doing. This is a great idea because it usually prompts comments from others who have overcome similar challenges, or are working on something similar.”

    tags: social_intranet case_study

  • “In Part 1 of this analysis, I focused in on the vision of and how well they presented it and executed against it. But that doesn’t make them perfect, though they are arguably the market leaders in social business software/services.  So, with the vision and their strategic thinking as the framework, let’s take a look at some of what they announced, the strengths and some of the shortcomings they still have to deal with in part 2, the final part of this rather verbose (as always) piece.”

    tags: Dreamforce

  • “Dreamforce was a huge hit again this year with some of the world’s premier thought leadership in the enterprise SAAS space on display. Dachis Group sent our Chief Executive Officer (Jeff Dachis) and Chief Strategy Officer (Dion Hinchcliffe) to the event as speakers.”

    tags: Dreamforce

  • “Word documents and spreadsheets may be the near-universal formats for following the progress of organizational projects, but that needs to end, suggests Alan Lepofsky, an analyst following social networking trends in the enterprise.

    Instead, Lepofsky recommends that businesses go social with their projects — that is, try social task management. This emerging practice lets employees instantly share new ideas and see changes, giving a project life, he said.”

    tags: social_enterprise task_management

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