My links of the week (weekly)

  • “The Nexus of Forces describes the convergence and mutual reinforcement of four interdependent trends: social interaction, mobility, cloud and information. The forces combine to empower individuals as the forces interact with one another and their information through well-designed ubiquitous technology. Organizations of all types can harness the power of the Nexus to engage with their customers and staff, learn through the observation of behavior and interaction patterns, and create compelling experiences. These same organizations must disrupt many of their long-held positions and structures, all of which give way in the face of consumer-driven extreme collaboration.”

    tags: social_business Gartner strategy

  • “Theming in SharePoint 2013 makes it easier to drastically change the look of your site and make it your own. That said, the new look of SharePoint sites is great, so why would you want to change it? Here’s a personal example:”

    tags: sharepoint_2013

  • “Folders are something people have gotten used to – but as a way of categorizing information and ensuring people can put things in the right place they tend to struggle, especially when the structure complicated.”

    tags: sharepoint engagement

  • ” This post is a high-level overview of how result types and display templates work together to create rich search experiences. If you take away only one concept from this post it should be: Result Types + Display Templates = Rich Search Experiences.”

    tags: sharepoint_2013 search

  • “The idea of a next-generation intranet has led to a variety of approaches including the use of social networks to increase personalization and interaction within the intranet to the use of gamification to increase participation. Although these approaches have increased the functionality of the corporate intranet, they have not fully unlocked the potential knowledge benefits of bringing employees and information together. To take advantage of the benefits of social and gamification, intranets must take an evolutionary leap that takes advantage both of game mechanics and the strength of interconnected interactions.”

    tags: social_intranet gamification

  • “It happens – more frequently than it should – that you meet an intranet manager with a somewhat disgruntled look on her face when you start talking about how their intranet is doing. More often than not this is because they are in the middle of a big redesign or a big upgrade to the next version of the intranet platform which ought to be good news. But often it is just one more in a long line of intranet projects which historically have been testing the patience of the intranet team – not to mention the colleagues.”

    tags: social_intranet

  • “Yammer, an enterprise social network and part of the Microsoft Office Division, announced a native integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

    tags: social_crm yammer

  • tags: social_business

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