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  • “Loin des clichés habituels, les principes d’instruction et d’entraînement des forces spéciales offrent une autre voie à explorer pour améliorer l’efficacité des formations et viser l’excellence.

    Toutes les formations ne produisent pas des effets spectaculaires, loin de là. Et nombreuses sont celles dont l’impact réel sur les situations de travail reste faible voire indécelable.

    Pourtant il existe des situations où l’efficacité d’une formation est déterminante. Tel est le cas de la formation initiale et continue des Forces Spéciales dont l’exigence est de garantir de façon permanente l’excellence opérationnelle en mission.”

    tags: HR

  • “The last month or so, I have attended an SAP Analyst Briefing, TaleoWorld, Oracle’s Open World,’s Dream Force, SumTotal’s Analyst Summit, Kenexa’s Analyst Summit, the HR Technology Conference, SYSPRO’s channel partner conference, VAI Vormittag’s User Conference and other events. In the course of countless keynotes, several one-on-one interviews, about two dozen vendor briefings and several customer interactions, I have concluded that this last month is one where the software industry has materially, structurally and permanently changed.”

    tags: social_business strategy ERP

  • “A striking change of focus in the social business arena occurred during the last five years. Despite the fact that Andrew McAfee’s original definition specified its scope as «within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers», infant Enterprise 2.0 was mainly concerned by internal collaboration. The teaser from one of the major events of this early period, the Boston 2007 Enterprise 2.0 Conference, talked about “(…) the technologies and business practices that liberate the workforce from the constraints of legacy communication and productivity tools like email“.”

    tags: social_business organization

  • “Ford Motor Co. is a pioneer in social media marketing and a proponent of enterprise social networking. But its plan for a unified social business strategy is still a work in progress.”

    tags: social_business case_study strategy

  • “If some would say that a major software vendor getting serious about social software now is a little late to the party, perhaps then others would say it’s all about timing anyway. With the social software market now looking to be a hefty $6.4 billion part of the industry, it’s a safe bet that just about no top software firm could stay away at this point. We’ve seen just about everyone from IBM, to Oracle, and Salesforce articulate an enterprise-wide social business vision in the last year or so.”

    tags: social_business SAP

  • “It’s turning into a big news week for enterprise social network (ESN) software, first Yammer’s 1st user conference, YamJam12, and then a very interesting announcement from SAP. “

    tags: social_business SAP

  • “As companies catch on to the potential of enterprise social software to drive business results throughout the organization, vendors are competing to deliver the next evolution of solutions. With a pedigree of being a leading enterprise software vendor, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today unveiled its social strategy to transform how business people connect, engage and transact with customers, colleagues and partners. By infusing social and collaborative capabilities into on-premise and cloud applications or mobile devices, SAP enables better engagement to effectively serve customers and partners and supports streamlining of work processes and decision-making to drive rapid business results.”

    tags: social_business SAP

  • “In 2008, Wells Fargo aquired Wachovia, beginning an integration that would begin to pave the way for a new cultural collaboration shift, and an opportunity for social media to become a part of the way Wells Fargo does work.

    With all the changes occurring, an online community was created to keep Wholesale Banking team members in the loop, providing knowledge sharing and the opportunity to have questions addressed by leadership.”

    tags: social_business case_study

  • “In this hyper-connected economy and with the rapid growth of cloud-based social technologies, collaboration applications have become an increasingly important part of how work gets done. Many companies are now using these tools to improve efficiencies and sharpen their business practices. With many factors to consider, choosing and implementing the most effective collaborative app(s) for your business can dramatically improve your company’s bottom line.”

    tags: social_business ROI

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Consulente e formatore free lance, faculty member di Federmanager Academy. La mia vita professionale si è svolta nell’ambito dell’Information Technology con particolare riguardo agli aspetti progettuali e innovativi dal punto di vista organizzativo, applicativo e tecnologico. Ha svolto attività di conduzione progetti, coordinamento di unità produttive, attività di staff e supporto a livello Aziendale, di Gruppo e attività consulenziale per il top management del Cliente nel mercato dei Trasporti, Pubblica Amministrazione, Sanità, Industria, Servizi. Si è occupato di Intelligenza Artificale, digital workplace e Office Automation, soluzioni Intranet, Sistemi multimediali, di Unified Communication e di Social Collaboration.


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