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  • ““Social business” is a term you can’t escape these days—even if your work just remotely touches on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, or collaborative technologies, such as IBM Connections or Yammer.”

    tags: social_business Definition

  • “IBM® defines Social Business as a business that embraces networks of people to create business value. Social businesses embrace technology to enhance relationships between employees, customers, and partners. They augment business processes and applications with social interactions and insight. “

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  • “In short : social network and business applications are the two complementary sides of anyone’s work and the tools that support each one should break down the artificial wall that separates them. Vendors are working on it but some approaches of social/business integration show a real misunderstanding of what end users need.”

    tags: social_enterprise strategy

  • “Content management systems are undergoing a social technology upgrade cycle that is not talked about very much but has two significant consequences that individually are disruptive and together are utterly transformative.”

    tags: Content_Management

  • “La moitié des Directions des Ressources Humaines françaises sont équipées d’un RSE, ou prévoient un déploiement, selon une étude du cabinet Arctus”

    tags: enterprise_social_networks report

  • “One of the articles on collaboration, distance and technology that is most often recommended to me is Thomas Allen’s ‘Architecture and communication among product engineers’. It is most famous for its finding that people separated by more than a certain distance (40m is usually cited), are far less likely to work together than people whose workspaces are closer to each other.”

    tags: social_enterprise Allen_Curve

    • Allen finds a dramatic decrease even within the first 50m of separation.
       Plotting … results produces a curve that to no one’s surprise shows probability of communication declining with distance. … Communication probability declines to asymptotic level within the first 50 meters of separation.
       Organizational affiliation modifies the effect. The decrease in communication is still found, but
       the existence of a departmental relationship adds to communication probability by a constant amount, which is independent of distance. Project relationships produce a similar, but usually stronger, effect. This is due to the interdependence of project activities and the strong need for technical communication [for coordination].
       Allen goes on to identify a more comprehensive set of influences.
       So the probability that a pair of scientists or engineers will engage in frequent technical communication is a function of the degree to which they share a common base of knowledge; the rate at which that knowledge base is developing’ the size of their organizational unit; the degree of interdependence in their work and the distance between their workstations.
  • “Les projets de RSE montent en puissance au point que certaines entreprises n’ont pas hésité à abandonner leur intranet. C’est le cas de Lagardère Publicité, ou encore du spécialiste de l’aménagement du territoire Groupe SCE. Mais le retrait de cette plate-forme historique au profit d’un RSE est loin d’être systématique.”

    tags: social_intranet case_study

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