My links of the week (weekly)

  • “I began using the term digital workplace in 2009. It was gathering dust in a drawer, having been coined by Hewlett Packard in 1998 as the name for a new type of printer.

    For me it represented a re-awakening of the term “digital engagement” but in a more tangible and compelling form.”

    tags: Digital_workplace

  • “The Altimeter social business strategy definition dovetails nicely in here – as it is important to understand that when we are speaking about a social business, we need to consider the existing (and planned) social media initiatives with a company’s actual business objectives. It scares me that many companies dive into social media, thinking they “just need to be there” without considering how what they are doing with social maps into the wider business context.”

    tags: social_business

  • “PKM is much more than processing information. It’s about ideas, conversations and especially relationships. Most of all, PKM is a framework to actually do knowledge work. It is a framework that helps move from an awareness of knowledge to activation of its use in the context of getting work done.”

    tags: knowledge_worker

  • “Over the next few posts I’ll explore the growing use of enterprise gamification. I became interested in the topic after an interesting keynote at IBM Connect this year by Jane McGonagal, author of the book ‘Reality is Broken: Why games make us better and how they can change the world””

    tags: gamification social_enterprise

  • ” I just can’t wait to hear the keynote from Nate Silver—the renowned statistician who applies predictive analytics to everything from baseball to presidential election. Moreover, we have planned to share a preview of my next book The Science of Social 2!”

    tags: social_business analytics

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