My links of the week (weekly)

  • “One of the major concern for any business trying to launch an enterprise social network is to generate relevant contents. Which is obvious : why would users use the enterprise social network if they find nothing relevant in, if they have no reason to come ? This is the point where confusion often happens and things get complicated.”

    tags: social_intranet content

  • “In many companies strategy is akin to a waterfall.  Senior leaders spend considerable time in each others company formulating and calculating the best way forward for their company.  Once inspiration has struck, they then look to cascade this new direction down through the various layers of their company, all the way to those on the front line who often have most engagement with the customers.”

    tags: social_business strategy

  • “Organizations that have not yet made a significant move towards a more collaborative way of working are running a number of risks. Information is increasingly scattered over different platforms and tools as people build their own solutions. The essential distinction between managed, validated information and “work in progress” gets blurred unless there are some fundamental governance guidelines in place. Business and customer actions may be taken (or not) on the basis out-of-date or incomplete information.”

    tags: social_business

  • ” Digital Workplaces aren’t yet taking the world by storm but they are emerging as a very powerful enabling  technology for the future.  Moreover, they will probably be seen as a critical need as the world becomes more mobile and businesses begin to rely more heavily on social networking.”

    tags: Digital_workplace

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