My links of the week (weekly)

  • “According to The Wall Street Journal, when Goldman Sachs discovered it couldn’t attract and retain the most promising recruits with pay and  perks alone, it woke up to the idea that you can actually restructure the way work is done. Earlier this year, Goldman formed a task force made up of senior staff to improve quality of life for junior employees.  The group is trying to find ways to help young employees adhere to a five-day workweek without all-nighters and ruined weekends.”

    tags: HR

  • “The latest numbers from research firm Gallup still show that around 70% of American workers are not engaged in their jobs, which basically means they are sleepwalking through their work. This is a scary and alarming statistic. From this group, 18% of employees are actively working against their companies! This group alone costs between $450-$550 billion in lost productivity every year, according to Gallup.”

    tags: HR

  • “Today’s enterprises are seeing and experiencing the value of both social software and cloud-based content collaboration systems. By connecting people and giving them the means to discuss, unlock and increase knowledge sharing across the workforce, these services are driving productivity and increasing efficiency in organizations across the globe.”

    tags: collaboration

  • ““Employees should be happy they are employed.” “Why should I have to thank someone for doing their job?” “Praise makes no difference.” These are some of the sad excuses leaders sometimes make for not recognizing, encouraging and appreciating their employees enough.”

    tags: HR

  • “Let’s get right to the point: companies focus far too much on measuring returns on invested capital (ROIC) rather than on measuring the contributions made by their talented people. The vast majority of companies still gauge their performance using systems that measure internal financial results—systems based on metrics that don’t take sufficient notice of the real engines of wealth creation today: the knowledge, relationships, reputations, and other intangibles created by talented people and represented by investments in such activities as R&D, marketing, and training.”

    tags: HR

  • “The September 2013 Aberdeen Next-Generation Communications (NGC) study of the communications practices of 126 organizations found that companies that had identified business collaboration as their top business goal saw significant business performance improvement compared to organizations that did not prioritize collaboration (see Figure 1).”

    tags: collaboration

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