My links of the week (weekly)

  • “The digitization of enterprises as well as their socialization work much better on the external side (towards customers) than on the internal one (employees). A solid trend that’s been observable for years and seem to become stronger every day instead of being resorbed.”

    tags: social_enterprise HR

  • “It is 2013 and F.W. Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management (1911) are still the basis for most of our current management systems.”

    tags: social_networking social_enterprise

  • “As social media grew, the popularity of online communities dropped…at least a little. Companies that might’ve created communities are, for better or worse, now building Facebook and Twitter accounts. “

    tags: community_management

  • “Nilofer Merchant wrote in The New How that, “Permission to innovate without asking happens when the strategy is co-owned.” This is a necessity in an economy where the average company lifespan continues to decrease. The company no longer offers the stability it once did as innovation, and resulting business disruption, comes from all corners. Economic value has been redistributed to creative workers, and then diffused through knowledge networks. In an interview with Stowe Boyd, Nilofer succinctly explains several of the pieces that must come together in structuring work in the network era”

    tags: social_networking

  • “When discussing the future of work, most folks immediately jump to the discussion of millennials, generation Y, generation X, baby boomers, post war, etc.  However, the shift to digital business finds a different type of five generations.  This segmentation describes how digitally proficient people are with digital technologies and culture. Constellation sees five generations “

    tags: social_enterprise HR

  • “From telephone and e-mail in the 20th century to unified communication and enterprise social networks in the 21st, businesses have long applied the latest technology in the hopes of improving efficiency and productivity. When this happens successfully, the investment turns in sufficient business impact to justify the cost. When it doesn’t, businesses eventually try something else.”

    tags: HR engagement

  • “This year, through primary research through my company and secondary research by a variety of trusted sources, I’ve tracked ten major workplace trends affecting the world of work. They focus on the generational shift, the rise of freelancing, the skills gap and more. “

    tags: HR

  • “Using these platforms inside the contact center enables agents to collaborate with each other and with subject-matter experts within communities of interest, much in the same way people use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with groups around social interests in the consumer space.”

    tags: collaboration crm

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