My links of the week (weekly)

  • “La recente indagine Istat Noi-Italia ha confermato che l’arretratezza sull’utilizzo del digitale in Italia è da considerarsi un fenomeno niente affatto temporaneo, ma ormai patologico, che richiede, per ottenere una inversione di tendenza efficace, un intervento su più piani e aree, un vero e proprio sistema di interventi che sia in grado di affrontare le molteplici cause che sono alla base.”

    tags: Statistiche

  • “For the purpose of having one single, all-embracing definition, I prefer to use the following:

    Collaboration is when individuals or groups work together, combining their strengths and negating weaknesses to accomplish a set of goals.

    I think the important point about this definition is that the outcomes are more likely to be amplified when working together as opposed to individually.”

    tags: collaboration community_management

  • “How we collaborate has profound implications for how we live and work. The author and New York University professor explains how social media has upended traditional norms.”

    tags: collaboration

  • “Disruption can be seen as a force for good or evil. On the one hand the business world celebrates the disruptive effects new social business technologies are having on the status quo — in everything from marketing and customer service to recruitment and sales. On the other, when it comes to internal collaboration and communication, social business software (SBS) is seen as disruptive in that other sense of the word — a distraction from the job at hand.”

    tags: social_enterprise software

  • “Turning an organization into a social business — one that knows how to use new forms of collaboration and communication via social media — is a challenge for any operation, but it’s especially challenging for multinational, highly regulated companies.

    Boston-based financial services company State Street deals with this double whammy every day. A company founded in 1792 — yes, you read that right — and traded on the New York Stock Exchange, State Street has approximately 29,000 employees and offices in 29 countries — so it is subject to 29 different sets of regulations, not to mention international law. Which makes managing its online activities… interesting.”

    tags: social_business case_study

  • “Coming out of the recession, there’s been soaring demand to “do business differently” by empowering workers with technologies that allow them to collaborate while building their knowledge through real-time access to expert information.”

    tags: collaboration

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