My links of the week (weekly)

  • “I created a performance improvement toolbox when I started this blog in 2004, and have kept adding to it over the years. I often look at workplace performance first from the perspective of whether the situation we are trying to address is complicated or complex. Training works well for complicated problems, when you have clear and measurable objectives. Training looks backwards, at what worked in the past (good & best practices), and creates a controlled environment to develop knowledge and skills. Training can be good to develop ways to reduce errors, which is only one part of improving organizational performance.”

    tags: knowledge_worker

  • “When businesses talk about their digital transformation, it’s usually in this way : it’s unavoidable, it’s tomorrow, we must get ready. Good. But notice that we used to hear the same about enterprise 2.0 in 2007 and others things in the past and we all know where we’re standing today.”

    tags: Digital_transformation

  • “As part of an ongoing examination of digital transformation, I plan to discuss how different industries are evolving in the face of changing customer expectations, competition and technology. Today, let’s look at the IT outsourcing and professional services industry.”

    tags: Digital_transformation

  • “In our continuing discussion of digital transformation, we must consider the aspect of communication across departmental silos.

    Almost by definition, any organization that undertakes business model change, a key component of digital transformation, must simultaneously find ways to encourage collaboration among various departments that previously did not work together closely. The absence of extensive communication and knowledge sharing leads to bureaucratic-style behavior, reduced efficiency in getting things done, and poor responsiveness when customers change their expectations.”

    tags: Digital_transformation

  • “Digital Transformation was one of the major topic of the latest Social Business Forum in Milan in early July.

    It was also the topic of the presentation I gave. Here’s the idea that led to the speech.”

    tags: Digital_transformation

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