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  • “Few subjects are as important, – or as challenging to predict, – as the future of jobs in our emerging digital economy. While the US unemployment rate continues to improve, – finishing 2014 at 5.6% or 8.7 million people, –  almost one third of the unemployed have been jobless for over 27 weeks.  The total number unemployed or underemployed, – what economists call the U6 unemployment rate, – stands at 11.2% or 17.4 million people.  And, the employment to population ratio remains at under 60%, the lowest such percentage since the 1970s.  “The economic challenge of the future will not be producing enough.  It will be providing enough good jobs,” wrote Harvard professor and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers in a recent WSJ article. “

  • “When executives talk about social media in business, they typically talk about it in terms of specific platforms. They ask: does our company need to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat? Should we adopt Yammer, Jive, Sharepoint, IBM Connects, or the upcoming Facebook at Work as an enterprise collaboration tool?

    The problem with thinking about social media in terms of specific platforms is that it often leaves companies chasing the latest and greatest features, which are often changing faster than any of us can keep up with. This approach leaves executives constantly playing catch-up to whatever features social media platforms choose to add or remove, rather than getting ahead of these to think strategically about how to implement them in their business context.”

    tags: enterprise_social_networks

    • moovel GmbH (former Daimler Mobility Services GmbH),

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Autore: Alvaro Busetti

Consulente e formatore free lance, faculty member di Federmanager Academy. La mia vita professionale si è svolta nell’ambito dell’Information Technology con particolare riguardo agli aspetti progettuali e innovativi dal punto di vista organizzativo, applicativo e tecnologico. Ha svolto attività di conduzione progetti, coordinamento di unità produttive, attività di staff e supporto a livello Aziendale, di Gruppo e attività consulenziale per il top management del Cliente nel mercato dei Trasporti, Pubblica Amministrazione, Sanità, Industria, Servizi. Si è occupato di Intelligenza Artificale, digital workplace e Office Automation, soluzioni Intranet, Sistemi multimediali, di Unified Communication e di Social Collaboration.


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