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  • “Once an organization moves their email to the cloud (and not just a cloud infrastructure, but a full SaaS environment), it sets the precedent for future content applications. In the near term the consulting community potentially has a lot of work helping migrate content from legacy exchange environments, on-prem SharePoint, file shares, etc. But then again, maybe not.”

    tags: cloud

  • “Everybody’s talking Digital Transformation!  The term is very definitely being hyped by some, and is in danger of becoming as diluted in meaning as the “cloud” term as it becomes a catch all for almost anything associated with our new connected, social media oriented world using emergent technology. However, we believe it’s an important idea and so this post examines the term and tries to come up with a succinct but all encompassing definition of what it is – better than the many others currently available. Finally we point to the various resources available, mostly from consultancies that we compete with, but that’s the nature of the new, open mindset that is vital to succeeding and transforming in the 21st Century business landscape.”

    tags: Digital_transformation

  • “Some people line up lunches and coffee dates because they’re in search of a job, venture funding, or clients for their company. But if that’s the reason you’re having a networking meeting, you — and your invitee — aren’t likely to get much satisfaction. As Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino and her colleagues have noted, “transactional networking” — i.e., “networking with the goal of advancement” — often makes participants feel so bad about themselves, they feel “dirty.”

    That doesn’t mean you should never initiate meetings if you have a specific, immediate goal in mind. But that shouldn’t be confused with “networking.” If you’re honest with your intentions upfront (“I have a new startup, I’m seeking angel funding, and I think you’d be a great partner”), then the other person can make an informed decision about whether to connect. But networking — meeting with the goal of building a robust set of connections over time — is a different process with its own set of best practices. Here’s how to do it successfully.”

    tags: community_management

  • “Jean-Luc Abelin est Knowledge Manager Group chez Lafarge. Il explique comment le partage des connaissances participe à l’articulation des différents types d’innovation chez Lafarge.”

    tags: social_enterprise case_study

  • “Ludovic Guilcher, DRH Adjoint du groupe Orange, estime que la fonction RH doit être garante des perspectives  à long terme de l’entreprise, anticiper, et équilibrer l’économique et le social. Pour ça il est nécessaire d’innover. Or, il est toujours plus facile d’innover quand on n’est pas dans l’urgence du business, du client car on peut alors tester et apprendre. L’idée que plus un groupe grandit, moins l’innovation serait nécessaire est aujourd’hui complètement fausse.”

    tags: enterprise_social_networks case_study

  • “When a company wants to start its digital transformation the first natural reflex is to question the customer experience at each touchpoint To focus on what’s visible and perceptible. However, is this may pays the most ?

    Some times ago I decided to join the french railroad company’s loyalty program. I grab my iPhone, go the the site and see it’s possible to register from the mobile one (it may be obvious but isn’t every time).

    I reach the end of the process without any issue. It’s easy and seamless. I press the “validate” button, saying to myself “great, you’ll be able to use it for the tickets you need to book for tomorrow”. So I wait for the confirmation email. And then…”

    tags: Digital_transformation

  • “As Ed Brill shared last month, there is a secret to IBM’s social business transformation, and that secret is business outcomes.

    Proving the ROI of social channels is difficult. In that regard, enterprise social environments are no different than Twitter and Facebook. Decision makers want to know how these tools add value to the business—or is it just “holding hands and sharing files”?”

    tags: Digital_transformation IBM supply_chain

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