My links of the week (weekly)

  • “Dal contact center alla app: il provider telefonico offre una nuova qualità della relazione a oltre 10 milioni di clienti, aggiungendo tanti servizi in più, tutti a portata di smartphone”

  • “We have come long way in the digitization of the processes in industries.  The way, we are going, expectations of business and consumers has increased to automate anything to everything and have the autonomous decision making at the point of action.
    The first wave of digitization focused on driving efficiencies in the internal business process of the organizations (e.g. capturing data into the system, workflow for approval, integrating data between departments to give holistic view of the companies) that achieve huge savings.
    The second wave was brought external players like partners, suppliers (e.g. supplier collaboration, point of sales report by channel partner, travel expensing) and automated lot of manual processes to drive additional business benefits.
    The third wave of digitization – internet of things is driving new business models and also enabling business to offer service based models (e.g. uptime of the asset, pay per use models) that offers differentiator in the market.

    tags: Digital_transformation

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