My links of the week (weekly)

  • “Fifty years ago Weight Watchers was about weekly meetings and calorie counting among friends. Now you can do all that from your wrist and it doesn’t cost you anything. That’s why the firm needs a digital transformation plan.

    Simpler times
    It’s the trends you don’t see coming that bring you down.

    Two years ago, the then-CEO of Weight Watchers David Kirchhoff dismissed the potential threat to his business model from wearables.”

    tags: Digital_transformation case_study

  • “L’Oréal is building its digital team with a host of experts as it looks to gain a strong competitive advantage and win the battle against its cosmetics rivals, according to company chairman and CEO, Jean-Paul Agon.
    Speaking in a conference call with analysts, the French firm’s chief detailed the company’s focus on the ‘digital revolution’ and the steps it is taking to ensure it comes out on top.

    “We are recruiting a dream team of digital geeks and experts that can really help us to win the battle. And we are very excited, because we think that it’s going to be a great competitive advantage,” he explains.

    “We have recruited many people, because it’s a complete new expertise and we want to have the best expertise in the industry.””

    tags: Digital_transformation case_study

  • “Clark Quinn recently asked, as have many others, the difference between collaboration and cooperation, and why it is important.

    “collaboration means ‘working together’. That’s why you see it in market economies. markets are based on quantity and mass.

    cooperation means ’sharing’. That’s why you see it in networks. In networks, the nature of the connection is important; it is not simply about quantity and mass …

    You and I are in a network – but we do not collaborate (we do not align ourselves to the same goal, subscribe to the same vision statement, etc), we *cooperate* – Stephen Downes”

    tags: cooperation

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