My links of the week (weekly)

  • “Research shows how intranet owners drive the purpose and direction of the intranet, and how budget holders have an overwhelming affect upon strategy.

    With a trend toward hybrid governance for multi-purpose intranets, there’s a strategic need for clear governance and for the intranet team to have some measure of independence.

    Obianuju Eke (aka, Uju) of Warwick Business School, interviewed intranet managers from eight organisations, and a further 73 organisations took the survey. As ClearBox helped to facilitate the research, we’re able to present the results to you now.”

    tags: intranet

  • “We need to look at how that evolves as the customer changes and how we begin to connect labor with the changing customer needs as we go forward.

    The second leg of our strategy is all about driving product authority in the home improvement space and there we have to continue to leverage the tools that we have built to connect local needs of the customers to our assortments. That becomes really important if you think about the digital impact in the space as well.”

    tags: case_study Digital_transformation

  • “Internet of Things: l’implementazione di soluzioni Internet of Things su veicoli Piaggio permetterà la creazione di nuovi servizi e modelli di business basati sull’analisi dei Big Data. Il portfolio delle soluzioni SAP per il Data Management permetterà a Piaggio di rilevare, integrare e disporre di informazioni accurate e complete in tempo reale su qualsiasi dispositivo. SAP aiuterà Piaggio a definire un approccio innovativo per la gestione dei dati provenienti dai veicoli e dai clienti.”

    tags: Internet_of_Things case_study

  • “Il concetto fondamentale della Internet of Things non è tanto legato al potenziale di Internet quanto, piuttosto, a un modello di sviluppo grazie al quale è possibile associare praticamente a qualsiasi cosa una piccola componente tecnologica capace di trasformare questo oggetto in un dispositivo intelligente e comunicante in modalità wireless. Internet of Things è la chiave dell’automobile che ci permette di aprire o chiudere le portiere in automatico senza usare la toppa, ma è anche la chiavetta prepagata in cui in molti uffici il personale può comodamente prelevare bevande e snack da un distributore automatico.”

    tags: Internet_of_Things

  • “Detroit (Reuters) – General Motors is developing technology to allow new features to be downloaded wirelessly, the automaker’s head of vehicle development said on Wednesday.
    GM global product development chief Mark Reuss said the company is developing a new electrical architecture for its vehicles, which he called “Global B,” that will move much of a vehicle’s computer power to the mobile internet, or cloud.”

    tags: Digital_transformation case_study

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