Alcune cose sorprendenti dello scrivere codice…

Sono completamente d’accordo…

My experience as a programmer  has taught me a few things about writing software. Here are some things that people might find surprising about writing code…

…Programming is hard work. It’s an intense mental activity. Good programmers think about their work 24/7. They write their most important code in the shower and in their dreams. Because the most important work is done away from a keyboard, software projects cannot be accelerated by spending more time in the office or adding more people to a project….

Some lesser-known truths about programming | Dot Mac


Alcuni (semplici) principi di “Interaction Design”

Si tratta di un breve post che descrive undici principi da tener presente nella progettazione di sistemi e interfacce. Sono principi tanto semplici quanto poco seguiti.

La presentazione cui fa riferimento si trova qui (interessanti anche le presentazioni correlate).

11 Principles of Interaction Design explained

…This post isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list of interaction design principles, its merely an introduction to the subject. And I’m definitely not going to attempt to enter the lions den of defining what ‘interaction design’ is, that’s for another day!

Shortboredsurfer – 11 Principles of Interaction Design explained

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