My links of the week (weekly)

  • “Say you’re designing something new for a product or service. Of course, you have your own ideas for what to do. But, how informed are you really about what is needed?”

    tags: change_management

  • “An ESN, and more globally any enterprise social software solution, is very different from many solutions we’re used to. One of the differences (and not the least one) is that we’re used to choose tools that do things, that were turning inputs into outputs. ESNs does not transform anything but empower users to do things.”

    tags: enterprise_social_networks

  • “Social media change the way we communicate and social media can change the way we think. We need to use the tools in order to understand what it’s like to be a node in a social network. There is almost nothing like it in the industrial workplace or school system to prepare us for this. Therefore we won’t know what we’re talking about until we learn the new language of online networks. The only way to learn a new language is through practice.”

    tags: social_enterprise

  • “I have written that the future of management is talent development, but what does this mean on a day to day basis? One small change, that could have a major impact, would be to look at everyone’s work from the perspective of standardized versus customized work.”

    tags: HR social_enterprise

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