My links of the week (weekly)

  • “As the social software market matures, expectations for basic features have converged while vendors innovate with specialized functionality. Buyers need to understand their requirements before looking for solutions.”

    tags: enterprise_social_networks software

    • The key takeaway is that a substantial portion of people decides whether or not to cooperate based on environmental conditions.
  • “The growth and evolution of Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business has at its foundation the creation of a collaborative culture that will drive the way we work, what we create, and how we run our businesses. Is there a magic formula or silver bullet for creating a collaborative culture? The obvious answer is “NO”, but there are many best practices and lessons learned over the past few years from a wide spectrum of companies leading the charge in how to do collaboration right.”

    tags: collaboration

  • “If you are buying, implementing, using, or even contemplating enterprise social software, somewhere along the way the topic of organizational culture is going to come up. One reason is that when you implement social technologies, like it or not it brings to light your organization’s culture (good, bad, and ugly).”

    tags: social_business organization

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