My links of the week (weekly)

  • “I’ve always found that there was something missing in many enterprise 2.0 / social business conferences. Strategic matters are matters, interesting cases are presented but there’s something missing : the project manager’s or practitioner’s very own practical and basic concerns. Not a matter of philosophy, theory or impressive use case but simple points of reference, contextualized returns of experience.”

    tags: social_business strategy

    • People will adopt a tool when its easier to use than not to.
  • “Shareconomy” describes the societal shift from owning to sharing. According to Pörschmann, this is evident in several dimensions: “First, Shareconomy is profoundly influencing enterprise processes, because social media tools will become more and more popular. Second, the Internet is the place for teamwork, both in and outside the company. Partners, consultants, suppliers and customers will be more closely integrated as part of a networked process. The borders separating companies and organizations will become ever more transparent. Therefore, employees and managers must rethink and be prepared to share know-how, contacts and assets.”

    tags: social_business

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