My links of the week (weekly)

  • “Everybody’s talking Digital Transformation!  The term is very definitely being hyped by some, and is in danger of becoming as diluted in meaning as the “cloud” term as it becomes a catch all for almost anything associated with our new connected, social media oriented world using emergent technology. However, we believe it’s an important idea and so this post examines the term and tries to come up with a succinct but all encompassing definition of what it is – better than the many others currently available. Finally we point to the various resources available, mostly from consultancies that we compete with, but that’s the nature of the new, open mindset that is vital to succeeding and transforming in the 21st Century business landscape.”

    tags: Digital_transformation

  • “You may not yet be familiar with the term, but you are very likely already experiencing wirearchy to some degree. Jon Husband created the term over ten years ago and defined wirearchy as: “a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority, based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results, enabled by interconnected people and technology”.”

    tags: Smart_Work

  • “conducendo un’indagine su oltre 22.000 manager e professionisti provenienti da 100 Paesi, ha scoperto come le ore più produttive della giornata siano per molti al mattino presto. Una particolarità emersa dallo studio riguarda il fatto che, complice la crescente integrazione tra vita privata e attività professionale, circa due quinti di manager, professionisti e impiegati (45% a livello globale) raggiungono la massima produttività e riescono a gestire una considerevole parte del lavoro sì al mattino presto, ma spesso lontano dall’ufficio tradizionale, prima dell’assalto di email e telefonate che interrompono il flusso del lavoro e la concentrazione.”

    tags: Smart_Work

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