My links of the week (weekly)

  • “Summary : whatever some say, HR are most of all helpless when they face the many social and 2.0 projects that blossom in the workplace. The potential of such projects is obvious too them, as well as the role they have to play in. But nothing, or so little, changes over time. In fact there’s a huge difference between a social HR approach and make HR fit into a social mould they did not choose, at the occasion of the adoption of tool they’re asked to serve instead of using it. For HR, the start of social is not facilitating general logics but to conduct a reflection on their job that will end with many possible tools, not only a social network.”

    tags: social_business HR

  • “Summary : the predictable evolution of social and 2.0 strategies will cause a reorganization of a landscape that’s essentially crowded by social networks todays. The already-started evolution of business tools, the need for tools helping to manage and measure the human capital in a new paradigm will cause a radical evolution of traditional players as well as a new balance of power in the internal digital landscape. Except if a lack of anticipations creates a new and bigger imbalance.”

    tags: social_business

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